Intimate Communion With God

But as for me, I will come into Your house in the multitude of Your mercy; in fear of You I will worship toward Your holy temple. (Psalm 5:7)

Worship is a level of communion with God that is even more intimate than prayer. Worship speaks of the tender expression of “kissing towards,” or perhaps better stated, “brushing the lips against” God. Prayer is often spent using all of our energy to conform to the “will of God”; however, in worship, we lay hold of the power of the Spirit that transforms us into the “image of God.”

Tragically, we often relegate worship to a musical activity on Sunday that we participate in at church. While worship might occur during these times of sacred assembly, worship is much broader in its scope than just singing songs. Worship encompasses all of our tender expressions of affection and the adoration of our hearts towards the Lord. It envelops the sweet release of all of our pent-up emotions and our deepest devotion for Who the Lord is — not just for what He has done, is now doing, or will yet do for us.

David knew that just as with prayer, worship was a personal expression and no one could transact it for him. The meditations of David concerning God’s faithfulness and goodness, would always yield to his love for God and he expressed this in worship.

If we are not careful, we will spend more time complaining to God about our circumstances than communing with Him in prayer. Meditate on the Lord’s tender mercies. Allow your heart to express itself in love to the Lord for His faithfulness. There is not a single moment of each day that the love of God is not reaching towards us. Respond to His love today with the intimate expressions of your heart. Let your love respond to His love for you.

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