Trusting God

And he said, “Listen, all you of Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem, and you, King Jehoshaphat! Thus says the Lord to you: Do not be afraid nor dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God’s.” (II Chronicles 20:15)

King Jehoshaphat and the people in Jerusalem were in serious trouble. They were surrounded by their enemies and were told to either surrender, or die. Great fear gripped the people’s hearts as King Jehoshaphat prayed to God for help. God answered Jehoshaphat’s prayer by telling the king and the people that they need not worry for He would fight this battle for them.

The Bible tells us that the devil’s agenda against us is to steal, kill, and destroy everything he can in our lives. We need to understand why this is his goal. Satan’s real enemy is God. However, he is powerless against God, so he attacks us because we are the closest thing to God’s heart. If he can strike a blow against us, he has struck a blow against God. Every parent knows this fact. When our children are troubled, or in pain, we suffer along with them over what is happening to them. We would gladly trade places with them if we could to alleviate their pain and suffering.

Satan grieves the heart of God by attempting to harm us, as well as, trying to stop God’s purposes from coming to pass in and through our lives. The devil desires to pierce God’s heart by challenging us to doubt His faithfulness, integrity, character and love for us. When we choose to doubt God’s Word, we are in a sense calling God a liar, which inflicts a deep wound to the heart of God. God’s greatest pleasure is to be believed and trusted. God’s greatest pain is to be doubted or deemed untrustworthy. Our relationship with God is rooted in our believing Him to be trustworthy, loving and full of integrity. We would be wise to embrace the words of Moses in Numbers 23:19 God is not a man, that He should lie, nor the son of man, that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?

Whatever you may be going through during this season of your life, turn to God and to His Word to find help in your time of need. Trust God with all of your heart and wait patiently for Him to answer you and address your need. You are His child and He will fight your battles for you. Trust Him!

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